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I have been so impressed by the thoroughness and efficiency of the company and our Care Worker is a delight

Thanks for putting me in touch with ProMedica. They have been amazing and we have a Care Worker now living with mum. I have been so impressed by the thoroughness and efficiency of the company and our Care Worker is a delight! It’s the most enormous relief to have someone you can trust living with a dear old vulnerable mum and to know that there is fallback should anything change.

My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us

My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us while caring for mum for the last 11 months. All the Care Workers we had in this time cared for mum extremely well with dignity, they became one of the family. Elizabeth H (Daughter of client)

Many thanks to all at Promedica 24 who we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone requiring live in care for a loved one.

My 88 year old mother has been registered disabled for many years and was registered severely partially sighted/blind approximately 12 months ago. She originally had carer’s coming in to visit her during the day starting at one visit and then progressing to four times a day. She also has diabetic neuropathy which means she has no feeling in her legs. She has suffered many falls over the years, which has led to many call-outs from paramedics and being hospitalized on numerous occasions…

Following several years with another care agency where the service deteriorated enormously, we were recommended to Promedica24.

From first meeting with Mark Muller and talking with him, we were very impressed by what Promedica24 promised. We were surprised by the degree of care and concern expressed by Mark, for the whole family situation. It was obvious that the company regarded its provenance of care not just of one individual, but the close family and their needs. Mark had unhurried patience with conversations relating to my mother and the whole family…

Hats off to all carers!

When I retired I found myself in a toxic loop of caring for elderly relatives and friends. Shopping, cleaning, personal care, running and maintaining their households, paying bills, arranging appointments. Organising an army of helpers, gardener, cleaner, laundry service, meal deliveries, hospital, hair, dental and hearing appointments. The final straw, when my marriage and family life were taking its toll and I couldn't remember how to shop for myself. All my conversations and thoughts were filled with other people's lives. Eventually I went to my Doctor for help. He asked me when was the last time you felt happy? I sat there and couldn't remember. He then gave me some good advice. He said nothing will change unless you change what you're doing. From that day I set about finding professional help for the people I care for, to alleviate the pressure, responsibility and guilt for the resentment that had gradually set in. A family friend mentioned to me that her Mum, who has dementia, is cared for by someone who lives in, which works really well, and gave me the details of Promedica24. The process was simple, and efficient, we had a few teething problems, which were dealt with by the company. Phew!! No longer my problem. My Aunt has Dementia and now I can go in and have a cup of coffee with her and enjoy our time together, without feeling guilty when I leave, as she's not alone or scared at night as before. I'm so relieved to know that she is now being looked after, with personal care, proper cooked meals, etc... and all of the daily routine things we take for granted when we are bodily and mentally able. My Auntie's biggest wish was that she could stay in her own home for as long as possible, and this is a way of adhering to her wishes for as long as it is medically possible. Bev