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Quality of Care

Keeping standards high

Quality; it’s a word we are all used to hearing. Sometimes, we can take for granted the importance of this simple term. When it comes to care for yourself or a family member(s), quality is crucial. At Promedica24, it’s a word we take very seriously indeed.

Quality care is life-changing

Quality live-in home care means receiving care that isn’t just medically appropriate but suits you personally and allows you or your family member(s) to retain as much independence and dignity as possible. Quality live-in home care means having a Care Worker who is professional, kind, considerate and above all, someone you genuinely like and trust.

We select, recruit and train our own Care Workers to ensure that our meticulous standards for highest quality Live-In care are met. Our care team is built on more than just experience and qualifications, professional pride mixed with a genuine personal investment in helping others is what makes Promedica24 the live-in home care provider of choice for so many.

Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends

We are proud to work with The Alzheimer’s Society on their Dementia Friends initiative. All of our Care Managers and some of our regional partners and Care Workers are Dementia Champions or Friends and aim to help raise awareness and make positive changes in the lives of anyone living with the condition, whether they are a client or not.

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