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World Health Day

World Health Day
Date published: 7 April 2022 Author: Izzi Parsonage Categories:

The theme for World Health Day 2022 is all about healing the planet, since a healthy home will ensure certain health risks are kept to a minimum. So, let’s stand together and create a brighter future for planet earth, ready to help reduce the risks of cancer, heart diseases and other notable concerns suffered by many. 

What is World Health Day? 

This event has been held every single year since the WHO organisation was founded in 1948. The most recent campaign will highlight the need for a planet which is clean and prosperous, with fresh air, food and water readily available for everyone. It’s this sense of cleanliness which we must strive for to ensure living standards can never plummet completely out of control, so raising awareness over the harmful effects we have made is a key focus. 

Save The Environment to Save Ourselves 

The pandemic has changed the landscape for many, and for some, this will have been related to their health. Now more than ever, the population needs to make drastic changes to the way they conduct themselves on a daily basis, which means bringing to light how any knock on effect from the climate crisis will in turn, become a health crisis.

According to WHO, around 12 million deaths are caused through avoidable environmental causes, some of which may have been the result of health conditions being intensified unnecessarily. A notable issue is the air many of us breathe, with an estimated 90% of the earth’s population inhaling unhealthy air every single day, which will of course become a serious problem for anyone suffering with respiratory problems. 

So, how can we start making a difference? The first port of call will be creating well-being societies which aim to achieve equitable health in the present day and when we head into the future. By laying down the foundations today, we can hopefully create a sustainable platform for on-going budgetary demands, social protection and the prospects of long-term investment where necessary.  

How Can I Get Involved? 

As with most awareness days, involvement is often really simple, and in this case, lots of discussions, forums and seminars are being held to help raise the profile of the event and educate people about how they can start making a difference. We’re also being encouraged to switch into an eco-mindset in the way we travel, with organised cycling and hiking events available to encourage a healthier lifestyle for us all. 

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