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Why Live-In Care work is perfect for medical students

Why Live-In Care work is perfect for medical students
Date published: 18 October 2022 Author: Stefanie Barlow Categories:

If you’re a student who has recently begun studying for a clinical degree, such as medicine, nursing or physiotherapy, it may be tricky to find a job that fits around your studies.

After all, these types of medical courses can be extremely intense, expecting many hours of study both within the classroom and in a clinical setting. 

But finding a flexible job opportunity, that can not only earn you some extra money but will benefit you in terms of your career and studies, might be easier than you think. 

Have you considered live-in care work? Here are five reasons we think it could be the perfect fit.

1. Hours that fit with your studies

Of course, caring for someone 24/7 is unlikely to be an option during term time, when lectures, library study and lab work are likely to take up much of your day. But holidays are a great time to put the hours in.

Promedica24 offers short-term placements for care staff, ranging from two to six weeks or even longer. So, if you fancy working over the Christmas period or during the Easter and summer break, live-in care work could be a good fit. That way, when you’re back at university, you’ll have the time to devote to your studies and the all-important social aspects of Uni life.

If you work with us, you will never be held to a certain number of hours per month or year. You simply state your availability with adequate notice, and we’ll do our best to find a placement that works for you. 

2. Gain valuable experience and on-the-job hours

In order to qualify as a medical professional and be eligible to apply for NHS jobs or those in the private sector, it’s often a requirement that you complete a number of hours of work experience. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could complete some of these while undertaking a fulfilling role and earning money at the same time?

Healthcare professionals, particularly nursing staff, find that the experience gained working in social care or another medical setting while they’re training is invaluable for both confidence and competence when they’re thrust in at the deep end post-qualification.

3. Stand out with relevant experience on your CV

And in a similar vein, being able to include care work on your CV can help you to stand out from your peers in particularly competitive courses like nursing or medicine. Whether that’s at the point you apply for the course, or afterwards when it’s time to look for a job. 

If you’re able to talk about your experiences as a live-in carer on job applications and personal statements, you’ll demonstrate a true insight into what it means to care for someone. And what’s more, you may gain a greater understanding and appreciation of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia or MND that can benefit you later in your medical career. 

4. Fund your gap year

Live-in care can work brilliantly as a way to fund gap year travels or an extended vacation, either pre- or post-university. You could choose to work for six months then travel for six months, or work for six weeks, take a two-month trip then come back for more work. 

Once you’re registered and working with us, you can tell us when you’re available and we can place you with a patient accordingly. You’ll never be tied into a contract that means you have to fulfil a number of placements per year. 

5. Find work where you need it

Alternatively, if you’re happy exploring the UK rather than travelling further afield, why not request a placement near a place you’d like to spend some time? London, Liverpool or Land’s End – we won’t always be able to meet your request, but we’ll do our best. And you’ll always have the right to accept or decline a placement as you wish. 

And while you’ll be working a lot of the time you are there, you’ll find you have plenty of time  to explore your surroundings too. And perhaps even a wealth of local knowledge to tap into as you find your way around and learn about your new temporary home. 


At Promedica24, we’re actively looking for new carers who are able to live and work with our patients one to one. If you are an eligible student and have a right to work in the United Kingdom, why not get in touch for more information and an application form

If you’d like to find out more about what’s involved, take a look at this typical day in the life of a carer.

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