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What Does Live-in Care Mean?

Promedica What Does Live-in Care Mean?

Simply put, a care worker will be a constant point of support for people who need assistance each day. Certain conditions like Parkinson’s can make movement difficult, and anyone suffering with Dementia may struggle to remember things, in which case, having someone based at their home could prove essential when dealing with significant problems which may arise.

Live in home care is often tailored to each person, with strong focus on how plans can be formulated to deal with very specific needs. It’s also a great way to boost people’s well-being, and that’s simply because human interaction does wonders to the mind.

What Are The Benefits of Live in Care?

There’s a range of benefits to choosing live-in care over care homes. We believe this approach is the best way to help people retain dignity with their lives, and also ensures they’re not exposed to some of the major health problems when based around lots of other people.

Below, we have taken a closer look at the key advantages behind live in care.

Staying Within Familiar Surroundings

Being diagnosed with a major health condition is never easy to take, so having to also move away is certainly going to become overwhelming for the affected individual. Staying at home will provide so much reassurance and makes the entire process of integrating care plans far easier. This can be especially beneficial for anyone suffering with memory impairments, since recognisable settings could help stabilise their brain.

Regular Support

Given the severity of certain conditions, permanent support may be required for both health and safety reasons. Someone’s mood could turn quite quickly, so having someone there right away ensures major issues aren’t likely to escalate. Having a dedicated care worker will also help establish far more consistency about the week, making sure days are routined and medication is always taken in accordance with important schedules.

Well-Being Boost

Isolation can be a serious concern for the most vulnerable. We make sure our team of care workers are there for more than just medication, but rather a companion who can share a laugh or two. Human companionship is a powerful thing and having someone about in itself could be all that’s needed for others to feel a little better about themselves. Speaking with someone else about major concerns can also prove highly beneficial for mental health, as it’s often sharing issues when we realise they’re not really that bad.

Maintaining Independence

In a majority of cases, a care worker will only step in and provide support when it’s really needed. The fact they can intervene when problems arise means people who need care will remain somewhat independent, only being assisted when their condition makes certain tasks difficult to undertake.

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