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The Importance of Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Promedica The Importance of Parkinson’s Awareness Month

This April, Promedica24 will be helping the world engage with the condition of Parkinson’s to spread some much needed awareness for people who are directly affected. The aim has always been to create sustainable platforms which can help provide better support to individuals who find even the most basic things we usually take for granted that much more difficult. 

By working together and speaking openly about any experiences with the condition, our Parkinson’s live in home care team can work out which care packages may be more effective, and even strive towards finding that all important cure in the not-too-distant future. Even just a simple conversation with any family or friends can have massively positive implications for anyone who has been a long-time sufferer or recently received their diagnosis.

What is Parkinson’s?

Some of the early signs that you might have Parkinson’s would be involuntary shaking, general movements becoming slower, and muscles feeling slightly more stiff. The effects aren’t limited to just physical, since it’s also common for people with Parkinson’s to develop psychological problems such as anxiety and memory loss. 

According to the NHS, 1 in 500 people are affected by the disease. In a majority of cases, symptoms  are only likely to take place after you have reached the age of 50, although 1 in 20 people have experienced problems related to the condition whilst under the age of 40. In summary, Parkinson’s is a disease where parts of your brain start to incur damage over the course of many years. 

What is Parkinson’s Awareness Month?

Throughout the month of April, people who are affected by Parkinson’s are being encouraged to connect with others who may need advice or additional support. On Sunday 11th April, there will be an entire day dedicated to the disease, where you can learn more about recent developments from the latest research and discover real-life examples of people making the most of health care professionals to ensure they are living a fulfilling life.

You can easily tune into the event on the official Parkinson’s website, and get involved when things get started at 11am. There is no signing up process required, and you can either access the content on the site or watch everything unfold on Youtube. This is such a powerful way to relieve some of the anguish that comes from Parkinson’s as you will discover how many people have managed to achieve great things despite their limitations. 


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