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The Benefits of Live-Care during the Pandemic

The Benefits of Live-Care during the Pandemic
Date published: 26 April 2021 Author: Izzi Parsonage Categories:

The pandemic has proven to be a hugely alarming ordeal for people with certain vulnerabilities, making the need for quality care perhaps the most important it has ever been. After the announcement was made in March 2020 about the emergence of the Coronavirus and how this, along with Brexit, could provide a major crisis for care, many of us have had to alter our approach to support provisions in order to remain safe in what are still incredibly fearful times.

In the early days of the pandemic, there was a lot of attention focused on the way care homes were being treated, since many people were perhaps not receiving appropriate care in accordance with strict new guidelines. It’s therefore quite common to be apprehensive about visiting such places or allowing any loved ones to remain in residency, which is where something like live-in care services provided by our team could be utilised to hand you greater peace of mind. So, here are some reasons to think about support away from conventional care homes.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

A key message which has been relayed over and over again would be staying home as much as possible. This can only be possible for vulnerable people if they have the right support in place at home, otherwise they may need to visit external buildings to ensure they are suitably cared for. Staying put is simple and ultimately the most effective way to shield against the virus as it continues to sweep across the world.

Calling upon live-in carers to connect with loved ones means they can be fed, watered and even washed without ever needing to leave their home. They will also benefit from instant response times from personal care workers who can remedy any major issues before they become a significant cause for concern. With certain loved ones within an environment they are familiar with, you will find that Alzheimer sufferers are able to remain far more mentally stable during the week.

Care Homes are a Growing Concern

Sending someone to a care home right now is going to bring about a number of worries that relate to general safety and lack of support where it may be required. Current homes are filled with vulnerable people who are taking up even more time for what are usually highly understaffed establishments, leaving certain individuals in a rather unpleasant predicament in terms of the wellbeing they are currently experiencing.

Rather than having support which is cut thin across a number of different people, you will find that personalised live-in care is a better way to ensure any key issues or difficulties being suffered are aided in the right way without any distractions. Having a dedicated care assistant means even the most dramatic turns in someone’s health can be promptly dealt with to maximise the prospects of a quick recovery time.

Installing Stairlifts

Making sure you have safely installed a stairlift or other mobility adaptions in your home for the best possible care means taking advantage of current innovations that aim to eliminate danger and increase ease of access for vulnerable people. The difficulty behind moving up and down stairs is often among the most prevalent, so why not look into stairlift suppliers like EMS Lifts, who can install highly practical solutions for proficient manoeuvrability all the time.

For further details about what we can supply for live-in care, why not get in touch with our team.

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