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Starting Care with Promedica24 – an Insight into our Process

Starting Care with Promedica24 – an Insight into our Process
Date published: 22 November 2022 Author: Zoe Armbrust Categories:

For many people, understanding the ins and outs of arranging full time care can be something of a mystery. Often it’s a decision that has to be made in a hurry, during a time of great stress. At Promedica24 we want to demystify the process and make the various stages leading to the arrival of a live-in carer as clearly defined as possible.

So what should you expect from the moment you first get in touch with one of our care advisers? We asked some of our clients and their families to talk to us about their experiences.

Initial contact

“At the end of a stressful rehab period, we were given a week to organise 24-hour live-in care for my mother after her stroke. I contacted Promedica24 who visited to assess a day later with care starting on the Friday, only five days.” – Vivien Ogden.

Whether you get in touch by phone, using the contact us form, or via our live chat feature on the website, you’ll soon be talking to one of our experienced team who’ll take you through the  assessment process. 

They’re there to answer your questions and assess whether a live-in carer is the right option for you. This involves getting a sense of the client, asking about medical needs, and finding out whether they have a suitable set up at home.

“Mum had always been fiercely independent but her social worker told us that she wasn’t going to be able to cope by herself at home anymore,” remembers Jeff Hague, son of a Promedica24 service user. 

“She wasn’t keen on moving to a care home, so I looked into alternative options. But during my first conversation with Promedica24 it felt as though I was speaking to someone who understood our situation exactly.”

Care assessment

“Following initial contact, two meetings were rapidly arranged to discuss, assess and clarify care and staffing requirements. Costings were completed and dates were agreed. Mum is now living very happily in her own home, with the excellent 22/7 care facilities provided by Promedica 24.” – Martin Bailey

After the first telephone call we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a comprehensive personal care assessment. This is completed by one of our expert care managers who will be able to suggest which package is best for you or your loved one. From here they’ll begin to put together a tailored care plan. 

For Teresa Plummer, the chance to meet an assessor at her father’s home provided a useful insight into how Promedica24’s staff could help them.

“The care manager was extremely professional and helpful in his handling of the meeting at which our father decided to be obstructive and angry,” she said. “He was able to help Dad to understand the situation and reassure him that nothing would be put in place without his full involvement.”


“The service was exceptional in setting the process up and within two weeks Dad was back in his own home with a live-in carer. Everything was very professional and easy to deal with.” – Corisande Austin.

After the care assessment we’ll draw up a contract based on conversations with the care user and their family. The contract can be signed either on paper or electronically, meaning that any alterations or corrections can be quickly rectified allowing your carer to start on the preferred date without additional delay.

Choosing a carer

“We approached Promedica24 with a long wish list and they have done a wonderful job of finding staff who fit the bill. The carer has been such a positive influence and fits in like a member of the family.” – Judith Thomas.

We take great efforts to ensure that we find the right carer for each individual service user. Drawing from a large pool of highly trained caregivers based all across the UK and beyond, we are able to find people who match with the interests, personality and needs of the person they are looking after.

Carer profile

“Mum had lived alone for nearly 30 years since Dad died and she’s fiercely independent. Honestly, the idea of inviting a stranger to live with her did concern me a bit. But Promedica24 sent through a profile of Joanne, one of their carers, and I got a sense at once that she’d be a really good fit.” – Jeff Hague.

While it’s not possible for clients and their families to meet prospective carers at this stage in the process, we will provide you with a one page carer profile. It offers an insight into the person, with information about their age, ethnicity, background, personality and interests. 

Contract starts

“The day Nan moved back home, she was met by myself, her new carer and the Promedica24 Care Manager. The carer was extremely well presented with excellent communication skills and demonstrated extreme patience and a caring nature towards Nan.” – Jacob Best.

On the date agreed in the contract your assigned carer and their manager will come to your home and care begins. This is usually the first time you’ll have met your carer so it’s an important opportunity to talk through any final concerns you might have about the care plan and for our staff to identify any additional needs they might be able to help with.

After the contract begins, the important business of getting to know one another can get underway, as Andrew Ryall remembers.

“As soon as Promedica24’s carers arrived we could relax knowing she was in safe hands,” he said. “She enjoyed sharing stories about Dad and the rest of the family in the home they made together over 60 years ago. We are grateful to Promedica24 for improving Mum’s quality of life and giving ours back to us!”

Watch our explainer animation to learn more about our caring processes.

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