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Raising Awareness For Alzheimer’s

Promedica Raising Awareness For Alzheimer’s

Raising Awareness For Alzheimer’s

Raising more awareness and allowing people to talk about their experiences were just some of the key objectives this past World Alzheimer’s Day 2021, and these motives are still being enforced right now. This condition is one of the most difficult to live with, and the burden of caring for loved ones who have developed prominent symptoms can be a huge undertaking. It’s therefore vital that days such as this continue to exist, since this will point out some of the glaring concerns that need addressing in order for care to be better devised in the forthcoming years. 

Why is This Important? 

If there’s any way to help raise the profile of Alzheimer’s and its slew of unbearable symptoms, then this should definitely be advocated whenever possible. The condition can take an immense stranglehold over just about anyone, leading to incredibly poor memory, inability to move around correctly and even rife mental health concerns. There’s lots of Alzheimer’s care and support available, but only by discussing the condition openly and learning more about the most important issues can home care or residential support be made to better reflect precisely what’s needed. 

Why Important

This was the 10th year for the campaign, and in that time, people have worked tirelessly to dishevel the stigma around Alzheimer’s to great effect. A report into the condition has also been published, where it’s been discovered that 75% of people with the condition remain undiagnosed, and 90% of clinicians who took part identified additional waiting times due to Covid-19. In the long-run, lot’s of information and advice made available through this event will help people identify the symptoms for Alzheimer’s much sooner, and that will mean things like supportive living can be put into place within far more effective time-frames. 

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What Support is Available For Alzheimer’s? 

Since Alzheimer’s can make even the most basic everyday tasks a lot more difficult, we have made sure a variety of effective live-care services are made available. Here at Promedica24, we have dedicated Alzheimer’s care, providing people with the means to carry on with their life despite the challenges which may arise due to the condition. Our live-in carers help manage emotions and keep family members updated as and when the condition progresses. 

People who suffer from Alzheimer’s are most likely to feel depressed on a fairly regular basis, that is unless they have some form of companion care. Even though such people find communication almost impossible, the fact they have someone physically present could significantly boost their well-being. A dedicated live-in care worker will be there to help with shopping, cooking and also make sure vital medication is both collected and taken on time. 

How Can You Help?

People are being encouraged to grab hold of campaign materials such as posters and infographics to help raise awareness well into the future. Donations can also be made online, where every single contribution will do wonders for future care and research. But above all else, the aim will always be to bring people together, whether that be long-term sufferers of the condition, or anyone who cares for Alzheimer patients. You can also use the power of social media to build greater exposure by using the following hashtags: #KnowDementia and #KnowAlzheimers 

How can you help