Promedica24 N. Yorkshire & Lancashire celebrates 5th anniversary - Promedica24

Promedica24 N. Yorkshire & Lancashire celebrates 5th anniversary

Promedica24 N. Yorkshire & Lancashire celebrates 5th anniversary


A local branch of Promedica24, Europe’s largest provider of live-in care services for vulnerable and older people, is celebrating its 5th year of supporting families across North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Gary Derbyshire, who set up the North Yorkshire and Lancashire branch of Promedica24, is renewing his franchise agreement with the company for a further five years so he can continue supporting people to live independently in the comfort of their own homes.
Launched in 2016, Gary brings Promedica24’s trusted live-in care services to people across North Yorkshire, Lancashire and its surrounding communities.

In the initial stages of running his franchise, Gary recalls the concept of live-in care being relatively unknown. Fast forward five years, Gary has cemented himself as a respected expert of care services and a compassionate member of the local community. He works with charities, local authorities, hospital teams and community groups to raise awareness of the live-in care service that offer people a genuine and affordable alternative to residential care homes.
Passionate about keeping people well at home, Gary said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to renew his franchise agreement with Promedica24.

Gary commented:
“The last year has been a very challenging time for everyone including many families across my local community, who since the start of the pandemic, have been worried more than ever about the health and safety of their vulnerable loved ones. As more and more people have started exploring care model alternatives to care homes, I’ve been able to provide them with a genuine and affordable solution. The last couple of months have been particularly busy, filled by ‘non-stop’ care assessments and people wanting to learn more about our live-in care services.

“It’s encouraging to know that I’m giving my community a choice and enabling people that require some additional professional support to remain in their own homes and live the lifestyles they like and deserve.”
Gary said that Promedica24 offered him an attractive franchise agreement where he could concentrate on using his skills in business development and nurturing relationships in his community.

“I work closely with local authorities and my community to raise awareness and understanding of live-in care services. Together, we want to ensure families are fully aware
of all care options available to them and feel empowered to make a well-informed decision about the best care solution for them and their loved ones.

“The recruitment and training of care workers, care management, and compliance with the official regulations are handled by Promedica24, whilst I’m able to focus on what I do best – working with families to provide a personalised care plan that’s tailored to their individual requirements, preferences and interests.”


Promedica24 N. Y&L
Gary Derbyshire at a Lancashire Show


Darren Housden, Sales and Marketing Director, commented:
“Gary has performed exceptionally well since the launch of his branch in 2016. He is a pillar of the community and his expertise in care services, paired with his dedication to make a positive difference in people’s lives has led him to develop a very successful business.
“As we embark on the next chapter together, we will carry on reaching more people who require physical and emotional support and companionship in their own homes. We are delighted to have Gary on board, and I am confident his business will continue to thrive whilst offering the highest quality live-in care services to families in North Yorkshire and Lancashire.”


The Promedica24 UK franchise opportunity launched in 2015 and currently has 14 franchisees delivering live-in care services across the UK. Why not find out more about starting your own Promedica24 franchise today – you can find everything you’ll need here.

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