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Our client, Dot, celebrates her 100th birthday!

Promedica Our client, Dot, celebrates her 100th birthday!


14 September 2021

Our client, Dot from Poole, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with a weekend of fun. Her live-in care worker, Izabela Przybylska, friends and family including grandchildren and great-grandchildren all came together to celebrate her birthday and reunite after over 18 months apart.


As one of eight siblings, Dot is the first to become a centenarian, which called for an extra special celebration.

Dot’s birthday weekend started off at home with plenty of gifts to open. Her living room was filled with bouquets of flowers, presents, chocolates and over 40 cards to read from her family and friends. Izabela made tea and cookies for everyone that came to visit and was delighted to be a part of Dot’s celebrations.


Izabela added: “It was such an exciting weekend for Dot. We had begun picking her outfit out a few days before and Dot said she felt amazing to get all dressed up again.”

After an afternoon of gift unwrapping and catching up, Dot was whisked away to enjoy a meal with her family, friends and care worker, Izabela. Her granddaughter, who had been away for several months with the Navy, flew down to surprise her. Dot’s daughter, Lynne, said having her there made the day extra special for the whole family, but particularly for Dot who thought she wouldn’t be able to join.

Izabela said: “Dot had a lovely weekend, and everyone was so happy to be together on her special day. A beautiful pink cake with buttercream icing was made especially for her, although it was too big for her to eat by herself!”

Dot’s official birthday was the following day and waiting for her was a card from the Queen!


Dot with her carer, Izabela
Dot with her carer, Izabela


Dot’s daughter, Lynne, who organised the weekend, commented: “When mum opened the card, her face lit up. At the same time, she had flowers delivered from my cousin and another birthday card, so she insisted on opening those first leaving the queens card till last.

“The whole weekend was so special for mum. Covid has meant we haven’t been able to get the whole family together and it’s been a strange time, not just for us but for mum too. With restrictions easing we knew it was the perfect weekend to bring everyone together to celebrate her milestone. Izabela is not only mum’s care worker but also a very important person to the whole family, and she celebrated with us as well. We wanted the weekend to be special also for her and it was – we know she enjoyed every moment.”


Dot with her family
Dot with her family


Mark Muller, Dorset and Hampshire Regional Partner said: “Congratulations Dot for becoming a centenarian – it’s a remarkable achievement and we’re so pleased you got to celebrate with your loved ones. From all of us here at Promedica24, we hope you had a wonderful 100th birthday and we look forward to celebrating with you again next year.”