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Jason’s Journey: Bringing Compassionate Hourly Care to Derby & Nottingham

Jason’s Journey: Bringing Compassionate Hourly Care to Derby & Nottingham

In the world of health and social care, there are people who stand out for their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those they support. Jason Watmore of Promedica24 UK, a dedicated professional with over 11 years of experience in the care sector, is one such individual. He has recently been appointed as the Registered Manager for Promedica24’s new Hourly Care service in Derby & Nottingham, a testament to his passion and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for those who need care.

Passion for Family and Community

Jason’s journey in the care sector began with a profound appreciation for the importance of family. Growing up in a close-knit environment, he learned that family is everything. As he puts it, “I know what it means to the people we support to be able to remain within their own home with their loved ones.” This understanding of the profound significance of family ties ignited his desire to help people remain in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones.

Jason’s entry into the care sector at a young age was driven by a sincere desire to make a real difference within his local community. His journey started by working as a support worker in learning disability settings, where he encountered a wide range of backgrounds and challenges, and quickly advanced to senior positions due to his dedication and compassion.

A Journey of Progress and Challenge

Seeking new challenges within the care sector, Jason joined Promedica24 as a Care Manager, eager to embrace the responsibilities that came with it. His professional journey within Promedica24 continued, and he eventually took on the role of CQC Registered Manager for the Coventry office. Throughout his career, Jason’s hands-on experience in various management and front-line roles shaped his dedication to delivering person-centred care that allows individuals to remain safe and well within their own homes.

In his role as Promedica24’s Quality & Compliance Manager for the live-in care service throughout England, Jason ensures that all policies and procedures are meticulously followed. He strives to meet or exceed the rigorous regulations set out by the Care Quality Commission and Local Authorities, always seeking opportunities for continual improvement. Jason’s work is deeply aligned with Promedica24’s core values, which revolve around being caring, maintaining a positive approach, and always striving for excellence.

The Next Step: Hourly Care in Derby & Nottingham

Jason’s dedication and leadership within Promedica24 have recently earned him a well-deserved promotion. He is now the Registered Manager for Promedica24’s new service in Derby & Nottingham. Jason is enthusiastic about introducing Promedica24’s Hourly Care service to local communities in these areas. He is committed to supporting the growth and development of the service’s carers as they embark on their journey in the dynamic world of health and social care.

Putting People First

Jason firmly believes that listening to people and prioritising their needs is paramount: “Enabling the people we support to remain within their own home and amplifying their voice within the local community is key to their health and welfare.” His focus on person-centred care reflects his commitment to improving the lives of the people he supports.

With Jason at the helm, Promedica24’s Hourly Care service in Derby & Nottingham is set to flourish. His extensive experience and dedication to quality care are assets that will undoubtedly benefit the local community. As he leads this exciting new venture, we can expect compassionate and professional care services that will elevate the standard of care in the region.

Jason’s professional journey is a testament to the impact one individual can have on the lives of those in need. His story is a reminder that with dedication, compassion, and a commitment to excellence, we can make a real difference in the lives of others. We look forward to witnessing the positive changes Jason will bring to the world of hourly care in Derby, Nottingham, and beyond.

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