It’s Stroke Awareness Month

Promedica It’s Stroke Awareness Month

Over the course of May, everyone is being actively encouraged to raise more awareness for people who have suffered a stroke. With the spotlight firmly placed on this condition, we can hopefully push towards greater treatment and support networks for those who need it most

What is This Year’s Theme? 

This year sees the end of the ‘Make May Purple’ campaign, being replaced by ‘Stroke Research Means Everything’. The logic being how this condition is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK, and only with more research can we strive towards stronger support. 

A more comprehensive level of research could unlock greater recovery possibilities for patients, giving them and their families the means to rebuild their lives much quicker. Stroke Awareness Month 2022 will launch fundraising efforts to maximise financial recourse for health professionals looking to improve research moving forward. 

How To Get Involved

Below are the three main ways you can get involved with Stroke Awareness Month 2022. 


Raising money is a major part of this campaign, so look into the various events you can participate in over the course this month. This includes ‘Stride For Stroke’, where people are challenged to walk 1.3 million steps over the course of 130 days, and also ‘Walk Your Marathon’, giving people more control over the distance you feel comfortable tackling. You can also take part in ‘Bake a Difference’, which is a fun way to make a real difference. 


There are lots of volunteering opportunities available over the course of May, offering you a means to play a huge role by doing something you enjoy. This could be a solo effort, or you can team up together to create volunteering networks, where everyone shares the same vision. Also use #TeamStroke to promote your efforts online and encourage others to take part. 

Below are just some of the events where you can volunteer: 

Great North Run
Sunday 11th September 2022

TCS Marathon
Sunday 2nd October 2022

Great Scottish Run
Sunday 2nd October 2022

Royal Parks Half Marathon
Sunday 9th October 2022


Various campaigns are being run across the UK, all with the intention of raising critical awareness. In Northern Ireland, the main focus is simply making stroke a key priority, Scotland will be setting out a whole new vision, and England will oversee the development of the National Stroke Programme. 

What are The Key Symptoms For Strokes? 

Here are the main symptoms which may indicate you are suffering from a stroke. 


Your face may have dropped to one side and you might struggle to smile. 


It might be difficult for you to lift one or both arms.  


This will be slurred and hard to understand.

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