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How to get the right support

How to get the right support
Date published: 22 August 2023 Author: Zoe Armbrust Categories:

We often see families struggling to get the right support for their loved ones. Applying through local authority health and social services can seem complicated. Many people are unaware that our carers can help you navigate these areas. Whether you need a type of mobility aid or a financial benefit, our carers can assist you with forms and enquiries.

Getting support with care shouldn’t be complicated

For many older people, lengthy form filling can be very overwhelming. One recent example involved a person we support trying to buy incontinence pads. They had been advised that they didn’t need to buy these items, as they can be referred to their local Continence Service. However, they had already tried this, but had been sent a long form to fill in.

In the end, the person we support felt it was easier to buy the incontinence pads, rather than trying to fill in a confusing form. This is a task that can be done by our carers on your loved one’s behalf. We know how the system works and understand what’s involved to get the support you need. Whatever challenge your family are facing, our care team are on hand to advise.

Support with living costs and housing

When it comes to our home care, we believe it’s about providing the whole package. We will carry out a care assessment to understand your loved one’s needs and we will liaise with the local authorities. There are different forms of support available to improve people’s standard of living. This includes adaptions to the home such as grab rails, and living and mobility aids. Financial benefits can be claimed when someone has a medical condition or a disability.

Two of the main forms to help you with your living costs are Attendance Allowance or Personal Independent Payment (PIP – formerly known as Disability Living Allowance). Our carers can complete any necessary forms and attend important meetings, if necessary. They can also follow up with phone calls to the relevant teams and chase progress on your behalf.

We can also help you fill in housing forms. In fact, we have recently assisted a home care client with a housing issue. Our care worker liaised with the local authority’s housing team, which involved taking their calls and accompanying the person they support to view properties.
Promedica24’s home care services are holistic with outcome-based practices. We assess, implement and review our care plans regularly to ensure the people we support receive a consistent quality of care. This starts by recruiting the right people as carers, who are also checked on a regular basis. We care about the people we support as if they were members of our own family.

Promedica24 has a robust recruitment process in place for our care team, which includes full DBS checks, training and qualifications. Our aim is to ensure your loved one always receives the highest standard of care. As well as live-in care, we also provide a flexible hourly home care service in Blaby and Lutterworth, South Leicestershire.

For more details, please email Lisa Colver: L.Colver@promedica24.co.uk

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