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How Live-In Cancer Care Can Help & Support You Or A Family Member

Promedica How Live-In Cancer Care Can Help & Support You Or A Family Member

People living with cancer or currently going through the main recovery stages may benefit from some form of care. Cancer and any treatments are extremely debilitating, leaving people feeling weak and therefore unable to complete what most would consider to be fairly simple tasks. 

Whether it is the weekly grocery shop or even getting ready for the day, whatever issues cancer patients experience, the right care really can do wonders. 

We have always been huge advocates for effective cancer live-in home care, simply because familiar surroundings can create a more comfortable environment when going through the stress and anxiety associated with this awful ordeal. 

Not only will an extra pair of hands make everyday living that much easier, this can also ensure medication is taken on time, as well as providing a greater sense of well-being. So, how can this type of care help cancer patients? Let’s take a closer look below. 

Mental Health Boost 

Generally speaking, just having someone else around can be a great way to reduce mental health concerns

Loneliness with elderly people can be especially prevalent as younger members of the family may have work and childcare commitments that mean they are unable to have as much time as they would wish to provide company and support. 

A permanent live-in care worker could therefore be the best solution, providing constant companionship as well as ensuring that jobs around the house are done, so that family members can concentrate on spending quality time with them. 

Daily and Personal Support 

It’s common for cancer patients to feel regular waves of fatigue, and that can mean difficulties with physical activities during the day. 

Sharp pains may also play their part, along with a lack of appetite, which is where care workers can once again offer assistance. 

Personal care, such as showering may also be difficult, and if support for this is needed, you can be sure Promedica care workers will maintain dignity while providing all forms of care. 

Maintaining Health Routine 

Cancer treatment can be a long process, and the medication and pain relief are often complex, so live-in care workers will monitor this. 

The knowledge that someone will be organising this can also give family members greater peace of mind that their loved-one is taking their medication and pain-relief when they should be in order for the treatment to be as effective as possible.

As consistency remains vital to effective treatment, care workers will keep on top of essential appointments and keep regular contact with relevant health professionals. 

Encouraging Social Functions 

The effects of cancer may leave you feeling less than interested in social activities, but they are the very things that could boost your mood in a positive way

A live-in care worker will be there to encourage and assist with arranging social engagements, whether that be meeting up with friends, or taking part in local clubs to gain a sense of belonging.

Carrying on with a regular social routine as best you can is often the best medicine. Not letting cancer dictate your life will lessen the negative emotions associated with the condition, giving you the platform to move forward with a more positive outlook on life. 



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