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How Can I Reduce The Feeling of Loneliness at Christmas?

Promedica How Can I Reduce The Feeling of Loneliness at Christmas?

Loneliness is never easy to handle at the best of times, but when Christmas comes around, the on-going positivity seen across marketing campaigns can make lonely people feel even worse about themselves. Last time round was certainly a tester for us all given the restrictions, but this year will likely see us spending lots of quality time with loved ones throughout the festive season. However, this still won’t be the case for many vulnerable and elderly people! If you’re worried about being lonely this coming Christmas, here are just some very simple ways to help you navigate this time of year. 

Get Lost in a Good Book 

Keeping the mind occupied is perhaps the most important thing. When our brain becomes dormant, we tend to overthink things, and often focus on the more negative aspects behind any situation. So to prevent your mind from constantly wandering, maybe look into reading a book, where you can unwind and get yourself lost in the story. It’s a powerful way to transport your mind somewhere else, where full engagement will keep your thoughts more positive by nature. 

Keep Active 

Another simple way to help keep the mind at ease would be exercise, although this can of course become tricky during the winter months. Not only this, but certain conditions make bodily movement very difficult, but it really could be the simplest thing that makes all the difference. For example, you could maybe start using your stairlift to reach the landing, and walk down yourself for a short while. There could even be online classes available specifically for people who may find more elaborate exercise difficult. This could be something like yoga, offering a much slower and more methodical approach to fitness. 

Think About Companion Care 

If you’ve decided to stay home rather than move to a care home, you won’t benefit from the comradery that comes from being among many other people. That’s why live in companion care workers are constantly available, ready to provide tailored support to anyone who lives alone. They’ll be there whenever required, helping to complete important daily tasks, but also ensuring individuals can retain dignity and pride in themselves. Simply having someone else to talk to can do wonders, and that’s why Promedica24 is very selective about how our companion care workers are allocated, simply because we want them to become a trusted friend for the individuals in care over a long period of time. 

Focus on the Positives 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the negativity around loneliness at Christmas, so try and switch these thoughts to something more positive. The winter won’t last forever, and before you know it, the nights will draw out once again ready for the summer season. Having something more upbeat to focus on could be a great way to ease your mind during Christmas, so perhaps look into booking something just after this period of the year has drawn to a close. 


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