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How Can I Help Someone with MND

How Can I Help Someone with MND
Date published: 7 October 2021 Author: Izzi Parsonage Categories:

It can be heart-breaking seeing loved ones living with motor neurone disease. This condition largely affects both the brain and bodily movements, but with the right support, people can still live fulfilling lives despite their new limitations. It can worsen over time, so as always, finding the most effective strategies to combat the effects could prove essential when tackling what is unfortunately, at this moment, totally incurable.

What is Motor Neurone Disease?

It’s important to note how motor neurone disease may not be easily detectable to begin with. Early symptoms will likely include severe weakness around both the ankles and legs, and it may start to become more difficult for them to move up and down the stairs safely. Further down the line, it could become hard for them to speak properly, and muscle cramps will become a lot more frequent.

What Helps People With MND?

Keep Them Active Where Possible

Even though movement is going to become ever more difficult for such individuals, finding even simple ways to keep their muscles relatively strong can be hugely advantageous. Firstly, get to grips with the severity of their condition, and then look for suitable exercise routines which you know they could handle. It could be a short walk around the countryside, or even some stretches both at the start and end of the day.

Focus on Metal Well-Being

As with any notable heath conditions, the limitations they provide are likely to give your mental health a real beating. So, look for ways to keep their mind immersed with engaging activities, whether that be board games, puzzles or just watching TV. When the mind is dormant, we tend to overthink things, and it’s during these instances that anyone suffering from motor neurone disease will start tuning into the negative implications of their predicament.

Think About Live-In Care

Support is always available should you struggle with caring for someone with motor neurone disease, and one of the most prominent would be some form of live-in care worker, where they can offer permanent assistance for affected individuals, making sure they can complete daily activities which they may now find difficult to complete. It can also be hugely beneficial having support provided in their own home given how familiar surroundings could do wonders to their well-being.

Connect With Others

Discovering that you’re not alone and that in fact, many others across the country also suffer from motor neurone disease can be hugely reassuring for affected individuals, but also their close friends and family. Every year, motor neurone disease has its very own awareness day in June. During this day, people are encouraged to push for better treatment and ultimately a cure for this truly awful condition.

Be Considerate

The simplest way you can help is just acknowledging that they have motor neurone disease. That means giving them more space, and being considerate of the fact they may take that little longer to move around or get themselves ready in the morning. Making a point of how they struggle with certain things isn’t going to ensure they can maintain some much needed dignity and pride in who they are as a person.


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