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Learn more about Live-In Home Care Southport

Promedica Learn more about Live-In Home Care Southport
Our Business Development Manager, Deborah, is focused on ensuring older and more vulnerable people can access high quality, personalised care in their own homes with Promedica24 Live-In Home Care Southport, covering the areas in and around Southport. We asked Deborah what Promedica24 Southport is, the services she will be raising awareness of and what she is hoping to achieve in her role.


What is live-in home care?

Live-in home care is when a carer will move into your home to support with day-to-day tasks like cooking, meal prep, cleaning and personal care. It can also include more advanced support involved with conditions such as Dementia, Stroke after-care, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer support. Promedica24 home care Southport carers can also provide some extra companionship for the times you may need it, and they can assist with maintaining much loved hobbies.


What does Promedica24 Live-In Home Care do in Southport?

Much like Promedica24 nationally, with home care Southport we can provide services across the whole of the area, meaning anyone who requires the support can receive it. We can work with you and your families to ensure the best level of care is given, allowing you to spend as much quality time with your loved one as you want.


What specialised care services do you provide?

Both nationally and here in Southport, we can provide specialised care to those who are living with Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, mobility issues and also those who may be living with the after effects from experiencing a Stroke. Promedica24 Southport believe that companionship is one of the most important things as we all grow older, and our carers can provide just that too.

Providing some extra companionship can give those who may be living on their own, much more independence and confidence to go out in the community, attend appointments or even just thrive in their beloved hobbies and interests.


What are the benefits of live-in care?

Our home care allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home with familiar surroundings, and enables you to stay close to your loved ones for as long as possible. This allows you to continue with your much-loved hobbies, whilst also remaining at home with your pets. Receiving care from Promedica24 Southport, gives you back the control over your own life; you can pick and choose when you have meals and even when you get out of bed in the morning – there is no timetable!

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Bespoke, person-centred one-to-one care
  • Sustained connection to the community
  • Complete privacy and independence
  • Family and friends visits at any time of the day
  • Consistent care and rapport built with your carer
  • Couples can stay together for longer


How important do you think it is to remain in your own home and surroundings whilst receiving care?

Remaining in your own home and within your familiar surroundings whilst receiving care is important, particularly for those living with Dementia. Dementia can cause confusion for those suffering, which can be heightened when taken out of familiar surroundings. With Promedica24 Southport, you are able to stay around loved ones and pets which enables you to maintain your social relationships.


What are you hoping to achieve with home care Southport?

I am hoping to be able provide live-in care services to the vulnerable and elderly within Southport and surrounding areas. I want those I help to be happy and supported within the comfort of their own homes, and to be cared for in line with the regulations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). I would also like to build good therapeutic relationships with families, friends and professionals in the service user’s best interest.


We have a positive impact on both our clients and their families with attentive care at home. The difference we make in people’s lives continues to reinforce our core value; there truly is no place like home. To find out more about Promedica24 Live-In Home Care Southport, get in touch with Deborah by calling 07903008428 or emailing


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