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Good Care Month

Good Care Month
Date published: 19 July 2021 Author: Izzi Parsonage Categories:

Now more than ever, we have perhaps realised just how integral the care support sector can be to our society. Without the incredible efforts made by live-in care workers during the Pandemic, the heart-breaking number of losses could well be even higher! 

The contingent of care workers currently in operation are doing a stellar job, but they need help! Since the UK’s population is starting to live longer, and the fact many people are developing complex issues, it’s clear that further resources need to be in place as we head into the future. 

What is Good Care Month? 

Good Care month runs throughout July 2021, with the aim of raising the profile of the care sector. Through a series of promotional activities, this will hopefully encourage more people to join the industry. With so many opportunities available, the month will aim to match the right sort of people with important roles which have been created to help improve the quality of care we have in this country.

People who run care services are also being asked to highlight the amazing work their staff undertake on a daily basis. This will show the general public what it’s like to work in such settings, helping them to make a more informed decision about whether this career path would suit them. Not only will current staff get a well-being boost, but your own profile will be raised in the process. 

How Can I Get Involved? 

First and foremost, use social media to share photos and stories about what it’s like to work in your care setting. It doesn’t even have to be a major event! Every little contribution will help to generate the required publicity. 

You could also gather some real life stories from your current staff members. So, give them the spotlight and let them talk through their life as a care worker, using some of their previous experiences to highlight the challenges and rewards that come from this type of profession. 

And then maybe take this further with a group video from all staff members, handing you a great promotional resource to encourage new patients, but also prospective team members. Using video content means you can offer greater levels of transparency about who you are and the sort of values your care services are built upon. 

Why is Good Care Month Important? 

It’s important because care workers form the backbone behind a number of key health services across the country. A shortage of highly skilled care workers will mean vulnerable people could be left without the right support, leaving them feeling isolated and also anxious about their chances of a quality life moving forward. 

Not many people are aware of just how many great opportunities are available within the care sector. Since the general consensus can be that this sort of work comes with unrelenting stress and demand, you may have overlooked how care work is also highly fulfilling and has the capacity to develop some incredibly important life skills. 

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