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#GladToCare Awareness Week

#GladToCare Awareness Week

A much deeper appreciation for the efforts made by care workers is now pretty evident as a result of the Covid Pandemic. 

They have worked tirelessly through the most unbearable conditions, giving vulnerable people the right support during what has been a critical period health wise across the entire world.

In the early days of the Pandemic, clapping NHS workers became a regular feature, and this sort of concept is now being handed further momentum with the upcoming campaign – GladtoCare Awareness Week

The entire week will be used to celebrate the incredible work done by care workers, without which, lots of families would have suffered immensely during these challenging times. 

Along with showing more gratitude to care workers, the week will hopefully generate further improvements over the resources made available in the future. 

Who are #GladtoCare? 

The campaign by #GladtoCare was launched back in 2018, with the simple aim of raising greater awareness for the amazing exploits made by care workers. 

Although they form an integral part of our society, their significance is generally overlooked and often fails to receive the public recognition they so thoroughly deserve. 

By showing our support to care workers, they will be handed that all important boost to well-being, since their job can be incredibly emotional and draining on an almost permanent basis. 

Giving care workers the spotlight should also help people interested in the concept make better decisions about which support would be best for them or any loved ones. 

How Can I Get Involved? 

Each day throughout the week will have a dedicated campaign. Let’s take a look at what we have in store!

Motivation Monday 

The week starts off with a virtual fitness class. During the workouts, people are being encouraged to share videos and photos to build some buzz on social media. 

Tasty Tuesday 

Everyone loves cakes! So perhaps bake some for care workers and residents within your home. Once again, be sure to share your creations online. 

Wisdom Wednesday 

Sharing words of wisdom means you can use previous experiences to provide greater levels of reassurance to others. 

Thankful Thursday 

Simply being thankful for the people who provide care means they can finally feel respected. Use the hashtag #GladtoCare in order to hand them the positive exposure they deserve. 

Feel Good Friday 

Capture that Friday feeling by reflecting on the amazing activities you took part in during the week.

Why is #GladtoCare Important to Promedica? 

It’s not just workers who carry out support in care homes that should be praised! Over the last year or so, live-in care has been equally important, and this has been evident by the fact many vulnerable people have stayed home during the pandemic.

Our team has been offering support to the most affected, keeping their minds active, and making sure they are keeping up to date with important medication and appointments.  

This week will hopefully be the moral booster they need as we continue to fight through these difficult times. 

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