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Dementia Action/Awareness Week

Dementia Action/Awareness Week


20 May 2022

Over the course of this week, the UK will come together to help raise awareness for anyone living with dementia. This happens to be the longest running awareness campaign, which aims to encourage more action on dementia to ensure people can live the best possible standard of life, despite their limitations. 


What is The Theme For 2022? 

This year’s campaign will be based on receiving a dementia diagnosis, with lots of focus on how key barriers can be broken down, and also the benefits of being diagnosed at the earliest possible stage. One of the prime obstacles to getting diagnosed, is the denial people often display when symptoms first surface, where this, along with memory impairment, can lead to a late assessment taking place.  

It’s important for close family and friends to identify symptoms in their loved ones, and to seek the relevant guidance they might need to create sustainable support over the coming years. With action taken swiftly, healthcare professionals will be able to formulate effective strategies which align perfectly with very specific needs. 


Who are The Local Dementia Action Alliance?

This provides local communities with the means to bring people together and conduct regular meetings around the subject of dementia. Each community will establish the specific areas they cover, and by joining these, you can become a recognised dementia-friendly community through the Alzheimer’s Society’s Recognition scheme. 


What is Dementia? 

Always consider that dementia is a collective term, rather than being a single disease. There are lots of types, with one of the most common being Alzheimer’s. In most cases, you’re likely to relinquish the ability to think with conviction and therefore struggle to both hold conversations and remember things. 


What Are The Key Symptoms for Dementia? 

Poor Communication 

It might become difficult for you to hold conversations and follow what other people are saying. These barriers can also lead to mental health concerns, as you may feel embarrassed about your difficulty to communicate with others

Memory Loss

One of the more heart-breaking symptoms is memory loss, which is likely to deteriorate over time. As the years pass, there’s every possibility that you could begin to be unable to recognise family members, and even forget who you are yourself. 

Mood Swings 

This often becomes a feature in the early days of living with dementia, where some days you can manage key symptoms, and other days, you may feel as if the condition is weighing you down. 


About Live-In Care For Dementia 

We can provide you with live-in dementia carers, giving you greater peace of mind when support is needed most. This solution will help you retain some independence and all within the comfort of your own home. It could be small intervention needed from your carer, or substantial support, either way, any care plan will be carefully planned out for you.

If you would like to find out more or access our services, please visit to use our online chat service. You can also get in touch with our team on 0800 086 8686 or by sending an email to If you’d like to assess your care and support needs rapidly online, we have a tool available for you to do this. 

We can provide live-in care services across the whole of England and we would also encourage you to visit our testimonials page to read what our clients and their families have said about our services.

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