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A Day in the Life of a Promedica24 Care Manager

A Day in the Life of a Promedica24 Care Manager

In a previous blog we’ve shared with you a day in the life of a live-in Care Worker. Here’s a look at an overview of the role and what a Care Manager does day-to-day…

Get up and ready

Every day at approximately 8am, we send a report to every Care Manager. This report outlines any incidents or emergencies that have happened overnight.

The Care Manager will check the report first thing and deal with anything that’s urgent. This will generally be in the form of phone calls to GPs and to any client’s families as required.

The next job for a Care Manager is to check and respond to emails as necessary.

After this point in the day, every day is different! As a Care Manager for Promedica24 it’s important to embrace the variety and the challenges along the way.

Care assessments

Each Care Manager operates their own specific geographical area. Within that area they are responsible for carrying out initial care assessments. Should you be considering Promedica24 to care for you or a relative, your Care Manager is the most important member of our team.

It is likely that you will have me the Regional Representative and completed an Initial Enquiry form and this is passed to the Care Manager to use as a first step to a more comprehensive meeting.

Once you have contacted us, the Care Manager for your area will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time to come and see you to carry out a care assessment. This is to make sure that we recommend the best type of care for your relative in relation to their wants and needs.

When carrying out these reports, the number one thing on the Care Manager’s mind is safety. Our Care Managers make all their recommendations based on what’s best to protect your loved one, whilst they enjoy the comfort and independence that comes with staying in their own home.

Preparation is key for the Care Manager. Before leaving the house to carry out your assessment, the Care Manager will make sure they are familiar with the information you provided at first contact with our Regional Representative and that they are fully prepared to carry out the assessment effectively.

This care meeting is important as we know that it’s normal for new clients and families to feel anxious about the prospect of taking on care and having someone else living in the home. We know it’s a big decision for you, so at this stage your Care Manager will always treat you with the utmost empathy and consideration. We want you to feel comfortable with our recommendations and the type of care you subsequently choose.

During the assessment, the Care Manager will ask you some thorough and important questions. This has to be the case to make sure all their recommendations are accurate, with safety always coming first. It’s the Care Managers job to determine the appropriate level of care and which package suits you and your relative best so it’s important that they get all the detail they need at the beginning.

Care assessments usually take about two hours to complete.

Client visits

Each Care Manager has a caseload of clients that they oversee. At the forefront of their mind is providing a personalised and bespoke service which leads to good continuity of care for every client and their family. That’s why client visits are such as important part of the role – to make sure that you as a family and your loved one receiving the care are happy, safe, and secure.

When a client starts, we make it a priority for you to get to know your Care Manager straight away so that we can help create a solid bond between the family and our care team. Our Care Managers know that every client and the family’s needs are different so we will spend the time to get to know you well so we can meet your individual needs.

Your Care Manager will visit at least once a month to spend some time reviewing how everything is going.

These discussions will typically include:

The Care Manager may carry out up to three client visits per day, depending on their caseload and the distances involved.

Most visits take place before 2pm. This helps the Care Workers take their break on schedule and allows the Care Manager to get home in enough time to update the care plans with any changes as required following each visit.

Updating client files

Following your home visit, the Care Manager will update your file on our secure drive. They will add any changes that we need to implement to your loved one’s care and any other important information.

The Care Manager will do this after every client visit, meaning they will update your file at least once a month.

The Care Manager will also note all incidents for the month and create an overview form so that we can identify patterns and trends and act on them as and when required.

Every six months the Care Manager will conduct a review of your situation, revisit your overall care plan, and update it as required. This process is vital to ensure that our clients always receive the correct care for their needs as and when anything changes.

Before the end of each working day

Before signing off for the day, the Care Manager will submit all new care assessments to the relevant departments so we can start finding the right Care Workers for all new clients.

The Care Manager will also do a final check of their emails and calls before responding to anything important that is outstanding.

Finally, just like in the morning, we will send another report to all the Care Managers to check at 4pm. Again, this will include detail of any incidents and emergencies that the Care Managers’ need to deal with before the end of their day.

Positive outcomes

So, that’s what the role of a Care Manager involves and what a Promedica24 Care Manager does on a typical day. Before we go, let’s recap on what we look to achieve through our live-in care services.

Primarily, we look to fulfil three key outcomes:

1)  Positive outcomes for our clients

2)  Positive outcomes for the family

3)  Positive outcomes for our live-in Care Worker workers

Want to know more?

Promedica24 provides high quality person centred care to all of our clients and is Europe’s leading live-in care provider.

If you would like to access our services, please visit promedica24.co.uk to use our online chat service, get in touch with our team on 0800 086 8686 or email care@promedica24.co.uk. If you’d like to assess your care and support needs rapidly online, we have a tool available for you to do this.

We can provide live-in care services across the whole of England and we would also encourage you to visit our testimonials page to read what our clients and their families have said about our services.

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