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Cost-of-living crisis and nutrition for elderly people

Cost-of-living crisis and nutrition for elderly people
Date published: 26 May 2023 Author: Zoe Armbrust Categories:

Food can be a great source of comfort and pleasure when people reach old age. It’s important for everyone to eat well and stay healthy, especially the elderly. The impact of the cost-of-living crisis on elderly people is being seen in terms of nutrition.

According to debt charity, Citizens Against Poverty, 11% of over-55s have gone without heating and 3% have skipped meals every day. Some people are surviving on a cheap ready meal each day, which often contain preservatives and lack essential nutrients.

There seems to be a common trend in the UK for people getting older and having to adapt to living on microwaved meals. But there are simple ways to ensure your loved one enjoys a healthy, affordable, home-cooked meal every day.

Preparing healthy meals at home

Booking a dinner call a day with a carer enables your family member or friend to get support with food preparation. Our carers can make healthy options with a good combination of fresh vegetables. Whether they prefer a meat and two veg meal, or they have more exotic tastes, our carers help our clients to wash, chop and cook any food items required. They will also help with the washing up afterwards, leaving your loved one’s home clean and hygienic.

It can often prove cheaper and more practical to batch-cook healthy, home-cooked meal portions, which can be stored in the fridge or frozen. These can easily be defrosted and reheated another day, either by your loved one or our carers. Fresh soups, stews, Shepherd’s pie, fish pie or even a Sunday roast can provide important daily nutrition.

When our carers visit, they can also help out with any other tasks required, such as laundry, cleaning and other housework. If you or a loved one is struggling to cook dinner each night, this can give you more time to fulfil another task. Our carers can also go shopping with your family member to buy ingredients, helping them to pack bags and bring back to their home.

Budget-friendly, hourly home care

Home care doesn’t have to be expensive. Our hourly care is very flexible, you can choose 30, 45 and 60-minute visits or more to suit your budget and care needs. Your loved one will have a dedicated carer, who is highly experienced and qualified. We have a strict recruitment process and monitoring procedures in place when it comes to our care teams.

At Promedica24, we believe strongly in the importance of keeping our clients healthy and this starts by eating well. People should not have to live on microwaved ready meals every day. Why not ask our carers to help your loved one enjoy fresh daily meals?

If you or a family member needs support, we will visit you for a friendly initial chat to discuss your personal situation to see how we can help you live a better lifestyle.

For more details of our Blaby and Lutterworth home care service, please email Lisa Colver: L.Colver@promedica24.co.uk


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