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Carolyn’s Story: “There was no reason I couldn’t join again”

Carolyn’s Story: “There was no reason I couldn’t join again”

When Carolyn Sigley decided to lose weight, she was worried.

“I had put on weight again,” Carolyn explains, “I could hardly move in my chair.” But the COVID pandemic meant she wouldn’t be able to attend any in-person weight loss support group meetings, and being in a wheelchair meant she had trouble using the group scales.

Determined not to let this interfere with her goals, Carolyn spoke with her live-in carer and Care Manager Katrina, and together they came up with a solution. Katrina contacted a consultant for a local weight loss group and explained Carolyn’s situation. The consultant called Carolyn back, and she was able to join online – using her own scales.

Through weekly meetings and with the support of her care team, she’s successfully changed her habits to reflect her new, healthy lifestyle. Her worries have disappeared.

“My carer has given me a lot of support. She helps me choose my meals and ingredients, and prepares the meals, she helps me track my weight loss, and encourages me to do my exercises,” Carolyn says. Exercises which she has incorporated so successfully, she’s even received certificates. She’s been doing sit-ups on her bed, between 10 and 20 every night, and exercises in her wheelchair on a daily basis. And she’s enjoyed trying out different recipes: her current favourite is Chili con Carne, with vegetarian “meat”.

And now?

Carolyn is glad to be able to attend meetings in person now that restrictions have lifted – though it depends on the weather. She still visits the group every week, and is determined to keep going with the support of her carers. The numerous certificates on her bedroom wall show off her progress, two-and-a-half stone and counting.

In the end, Carolyn says she’s feeling much healthier and happier.  Her final piece of advice:

“Make sure your scales are calibrated.”

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