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Carer celebrates 15th donation and urges people to give blood

Promedica Carer celebrates 15th donation and urges people to give blood

A local live in care worker is urging more people to consider becoming a blood donor, after a family bereavement spurred her to donate more frequently.


Promedica24 Care Advisor, Kasia Krawiecka, a regular blood donor, is approaching her 15th blood donation, adding to the valuable supply that hospitals rely on each and every day. Like many who have chosen to donate blood, Kasia’s motivations stemmed from the recent loss of a close family member, her nephew aged 8, who was involved in a car accident.


Kasia, aged 36, commented: “My nephew had a serious head injury and medical staff battled to save his life. He needed a large amount of blood while he was being treated in hospital and he also had a rare blood type. Despite all of this, they found blood matches and I feel grateful that we know everything possible was done for him.

“I am also in regular contact with older people in the community who very often have health conditions resulting in them requiring blood donations. You are really helping all ages when you give blood.”


Every four months, Kasia gives blood at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Kettering and is proud to be able to give something to people in need.

She added: “It does not matter where you are from or what your background is because it is a gift people can give, for free. It brings people together and that is why I love being a donor.”


Kasia, is one of around 820,000 donors and contributes to the 5,000 units of blood that is issued to hospitals every day. According to the NHS Blood and Transplant, they require around 135,000 new donors every year to meet patients’ needs. In a bid to encourage more donors, the NHS has recently launched a new initiative where individuals are able to track the journey their blood takes through Google Maps. Roadmaps are sent to donors showing which NHS hospital receives their blood and where it is processed.


Although Kasia is approaching her 15th blood donation, she has no plans to stop any time soon. “I want to help people recover from illnesses and accidents as quickly as possible, and be able to give the gift of life, if it is needed. I’m also registered as a potential bone marrow donor, and at any given moment I may be a match for someone in need.”

If you are interested in becoming a blood donor in Kettering, visit to find your nearest donor centre.


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