“Care professionals deserve safety and stability" - Promedica24

“Care professionals deserve safety and stability”

“Care professionals deserve safety and stability”


2 November 2021

Promedica24 was delighted to join the Healthcare Business International 2021 Conference this year. The event took place towards the end of September in London and gathered C-level global leaders of health and care services.


Promedica24’s CEO and CFO, Tomasz Brzezinski, was a panellist in a discussion about domiciliary care, the growing interest in home care, and the future of the sector in a post-Covid world. He was joined by James Thorburn, CEO of City and County Healthcare Group; Ben Maruthappu, CEO of Cera; and Guillaume Richard, CEO of Ouicare. Tomasz highlighted the shift in public interest towards home care during the pandemic, which was driven by the safety and effectiveness of receiving care in your own home. He also shared his insights on the popularity of live-in care in Europe:


“Covid-19 accelerated trends we were already seeing in home care. Live-in care has become increasingly popular over the years in the UK, but it has been in Europe for some time now.”


In Europe, the majority of people who require care receive it at home and live-in care tends to be the default option. Germany has the sixth[1] highest proportion of people aged over 65 in the world; out of the 4.1 million people in need of long-term care in Germany, 80% receive domiciliary care[2].

“Covid-19 cemented the fact that live-in care is safe. As an example, Promedica24 UK recorded just three positive cases during the pandemic. It’s a flexible service where you can manage the number of contacts the clients have, significantly reducing the risk of infection.”


The panel discussed the shift away from care homes and residential facilities toward personalised services at home. Tomasz said: “A study we conducted found that 80% of 60-year-olds prefer to stay in their own homes if they need some additional support. This increased to 90% for those aged 70, demonstrating just how attractive this service is to those needing help in later life.”

Tomasz went on to explain the growth of the sector and why investors should be excited about the future.

“The market is growing everyday – with an ageing population there are going to be increasing numbers of people looking for support in later life. All factors, including the preference to stay at home, shows that this service is the future.”


The panel also discussed the staff shortages in the UK, amid a rise in demand for care at home and the constraints of the pandemic. Tomasz said: “Interestingly, we saw a rise in the number of people interested in working with us during the pandemic. Care professionals deserve safety and stability, and this is what Promedica24 offers them. It is vital businesses care for their staff; we do this by offering additional benefits, 24/7 support, personal care managers and a support line that our care workers can ring any time, day and night.”


If you would like to find out more or access our services, please visit promedica24.co.uk to use our online chat service. You can also get in touch with our team on 0800 086 8686 or by sending an email to care@promedica24.co.uk. If you’d like to assess your care and support needs rapidly online, we have a tool available for you to do this.

[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/264729/countries-with-the-largest-percentage-of-total-population-over-65-years/

[2] https://www.destatis.de/EN/Themes/Society-Environment/Health/Long-Term-Care/Tables/people-long-term-care.html

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