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Promedica24 partners with Paragon Skills to launch new Apprenticeship Programme

Promedica24 partners with Paragon Skills to launch new Apprenticeship Programme
Date published: 14 June 2023 Author: Zoe Armbrust Categories:

Promedica24, Europe’s largest live-in care company, is proud to announce its partnership with Paragon Skills to launch an innovative apprenticeship programme in Adult Care. This collaboration aims to provide staff with a comprehensive training opportunity and open pathways to a rewarding career in the care sector.

The programme is designed to equip front-line staff with additional knowledge, skills, and values to achieve a Diploma in Care at levels 2 and 3. Eligible employees will be provided with unparalleled support to learners, with experienced Client Services and Operations teams offering guidance throughout the process. This includes measuring the impact of the programme, providing regular progress updates, and facilitating exclusive events to maximise the benefits of the apprenticeship.

Promedica24 has already enrolled the first batch of apprentices, with plans to enrol additional participants over the coming months, further expanding the impact of the programme and fostering a well-trained workforce within the care sector.

“The apprenticeship scheme is something we are incredibly proud of,” said Agnieszka Sroczynska, of Promedica24’s People & Wellbeing Team, who manages the programme. “Our aim is to provide our dedicated staff with an opportunity to enhance their qualifications and further develop their skills so they can have a truly rewarding career in care. Through this programme, we are committed to empowering our staff to make an even greater positive difference in the lives of those we support.”

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