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A Literary Reunion: Rediscovering Joy through Live-In Care

A Literary Reunion: Rediscovering Joy through Live-In Care
Date published: 14 June 2023 Author: Zoe Armbrust Categories:

When poet Jane Gascoine met Valerie Greenfield, author of Mouse Tales, the atmosphere in the room was of pure delight. Jane had only recently been able to return to her home, her books, and her favourite armchair with the support of live-in care company Promedica24. The encounter, organised by local care consultant Rishard Amod, served as a testament to the power of care that is arranged and moulded around a person’s life, preferences, and routine.

Jane, who had recently started a live-in care package with Promedica24, had shared her poetry with Rishard, who was captivated by her unique sense of humour and profound observations about life. It was during their conversations that the idea of bringing together two writers with a similar comedic inclination was born. Rishard promptly arranged a meeting between Jane and Valerie, allowing them to exchange experiences, insights, and the sheer joy of sharing each other’s stories.

As the meeting commenced, the writers immersed themselves in lively conversations, effortlessly intertwining their inspirations and anecdotes. The air was filled with laughter and camaraderie, as Jane’s favourite poem was read aloud by a skilled actor, bringing her words to life. Jane also expressed her admiration for Valerie, a younger writer who had achieved remarkable success, noting the opportunities that a changing world had brought for aspiring women writers like her.

After a delightful exchange of ideas and a few more readings, Jane expressed her eagerness to dive into Valerie’s Mouse Tales and its cast of amusing characters and their hilarious escapades. Valerie, in turn, expressed her appreciation for Jane’s collection, particularly highlighting her favourite, “Coffee Morning,” which revealed the humorous stories of village locals. When Valerie inquired if the characters were named after their real-life counterparts, Jane responded with a playful, “Good grief, of course not!”

Reflecting on the exceptional care provided by Promedica24, Jane shared her satisfaction, describing the carers as kind, compassionate, and well-trained. She praised their culinary skills, highlighting their ability to cater to her every need, from washing her hair to tending to her nails. The support provided by her carers not only facilitated Jane’s physical well-being but also enabled her to focus on her literary endeavours and savour the simple pleasures of life.

For those intrigued by Jane’s enchanting Doggeral Days, the collection can be found locally in Sonning Eye, a testament to the bond she shares with her community. Valerie’s Mouse Tales, on the other hand, can be purchased online or found in select bookshops, with the proceeds dedicated to funding a recently established Teapot Museum in a picturesque Hungarian village.

Both Jane and Valerie, buoyed by their creative encounters, are currently hard at work on their upcoming publications. As Jane and Valerie continue to embrace their craft, their stories serve as a reminder that live-in care, by providing a nurturing environment and personalised support, has the power to unlock the boundless potential and passions of individuals like Jane.

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