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Urgent Care, Emergency Live-in Care, Care After Hospital Discharge


We’re here to help when you’re least expecting to need it. Circumstances can quickly change and you may find yourself or a loved one in need of urgent care at home after an accident, hospital discharge or diagnosis. Here at Promedica24, we can quickly arrange emergency, live-in care within days.

In an emergency, we can rapidly arrange live-in care so that loved ones can be quickly discharged from hospital after an unforeseen illness, or accident. Allowing them to be back in the comfort of their own home in no time.

Rapid response home care

Rapid response home care

Do you have emergency or urgent care needs? Contact Promedica24 now to arrange swift, almost immediate urgent live-in care. We respond quickly to provide you with a suitable selection of carers to choose from.

To ensure that you are paired with a carer you are happy with, it’s important to complete our in-home care assessment. We consider appropriate interests, your personality and lifestyle before several matches are drawn up to choose from.

We can supply fully trained carers to support loved ones as quickly, and often quicker than trying to organise care with family and relations around work and personal commitments. Our carers are equipped with knowledge and experience to support specific health and recuperation needs too, ensuring that you receive expert, personal care at all times.

Urgent care for recovery

Urgent care for recovery

When medical emergencies strike it can be traumatic. Our carers are on hand to comfort and support you with whatever you need throughout your recovery. It’s understandable that your confidence may be shaken from your experience, but our carers are on hand to help rebuild that confidence, strength and resilience. 

You may not require our services for long and that’s absolutely fine, but our companion carers often offer comfort and ongoing support after our emergency live-in care services are no longer required.

Who Is Urgent Care For?

Who Is Urgent Care For?

Whether you’ve recently had an accident, a sudden illness or your current care arrangements have fallen through, our urgent care service is on hand to help.

Had An Accident

Our live-in carers can help you to get back on your feet after an accident by providing personal, one-to-one care in your own home.

Unexpected Illness

An illness out of the blue can leave you feeling tired and unable to carry out daily tasks like you could before. Our urgent care service is here to help.

Require Care Cover

If you’ve been let down by your current care arrangement or if a family member requires a break, our urgent care service ensures you’re still fully supported.

Overview of what’s typically included:

  • Enables release from hospital
  • Aids recovery at home
  • Support after a fall or injury
  • Helping you cope with an unforeseen illness
  • Support through an existing condition flare-up
  • Help attending follow-up medical appointments
  • Ensure medication is taken on time
  • Completing daily tasks which have become harder

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