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What's Included In Companion Care?


Constant isolation can be a real problem for people, leading to major issues with mental health. That’s why Promedica24 are ready to help affected individuals, making sure they’re handed companion care which combats loneliness . We endeavour to find the right companion home care to suit your specific needs, giving us the capacity to make life far easier for you both in the short and long-term.


Friendly Companion Care in Your Home

Are you elderly looking for companionship? Or perhaps you have younger members in your family who may benefit from a live-in companion? In both cases, providing companionship at home means you can receive the right support within familiar surroundings. Some of the key areas a live-in companion care worker will assist with would be shopping, cleaning and cooking, whilst keeping you actively involved where possible.

How We Match Your Live-In Companion Care Worker

When selecting the right live-in companion care worker, we will generally focus on your interests, personality and lifestyle. This means our companion care will perfectly match with your profile, handing you someone with the right qualities needed for effective support throughout. Once the right companion care has been established, you will then be able to feel the benefits of regular assistance within the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need companion elderly services or support for people housebound due to recent treatment, we will be able to help form long and meaningful relationships unlike what’s achieved with most other providers. You can also rest assured live-in companion care workers won’t take over your home, instead they will simply assist where necessary. Depending on the severity of your situation, any involvement made by ourselves will be calculated accordingly.

Our Essential Services for Live-in Companion

Support to Continue Daily Routines

Where possible, our team will keep your daily routines similar to what they were before. If alterations are deemed necessary, we will make sure this has the desired effect without causing too much strain during the initial transition.

Accompanying to Appointments

It might be hard for you to leave the house and attend important medical appointments. We therefore journey with you, making sure you’re organised and handed support during what can be rather anxious periods of your life.

Ensuring Medication is Taken on Time

Medication is there to make the recovery process ultimately effective. So, we make sure the right medication is taken at the appropriate times every single day.

Cooking, Cleaning and Domestic Activities

Certain things might become too hard to complete by yourself, and some of which could be vital to everyday living. Regular assistance will therefore be available for things like house cleaning and cooking meals.

Shopping/Prescription Collection

Making sure you have the required supply of food and medication is vitally important. Our team will either assist you with daily shopping and doctor’s trips, or simply complete these tasks on your behalf.

Activities and Social Functions

Encouraging a more active lifestyle can do wonders for your mental health, so we will identify appropriate events which can give you a more positive outlook on life.

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    Six Essential Types Of Companion Care

    • Support to Continue Daily Routines
    • Accompanying to Appointments
    • Ensuring Medication is Taken on Time
    • Cooking, Cleaning and Domestic Activities
    • Shopping/Prescription Collection
    • Activities and Social Functions

    Learn More About Companion Care

    Learn how companion care can reduce mental health problems, and lead to a more positive outlook on life. Download our ebook and find out more about companion care support.


    Emotional Benefits of Companion Care

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    My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us

    My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us while caring for mum for the last 11 months. All the Care Workers we had in this time cared for mum extremely well with dignity, they became one of the family.

    Elizabeth H (Daughter of client)


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