Live-In Home Care services

there when you need us

We provide a fully trained Care Worker to live at your home 7 days a week. Whatever the need Promedica24 will respond immediately, to requests for Live-in care.


Why use our Live-In Home Care service?

Choosing a Live-In Home Care option means a person can be cared for at home whilst carrying on life as usual and as they choose to. Promedica24 provides a live-in home care service to give you peace of mind that someone trusted will always be there for care, support and companionship.


Urgent Care Live-In Home Care

We’re here to help when you’re not expecting to need it. We can arrange emergency live-in care.

Urgent Care Explained

Respite Care

You may only need respite care and support for short term as you may be recovering from some personal ill health. The Promedica24 Team will find a suitable live-in Care Worker to help meet your needs.

Respite Care Explained

Personal Care Live-In Home Care

Our dedicated Care Workers help maintain quality-of-life, normal routines and lifestyle, adapting to specific care needs. Our person-centred approach helps maintain a sense of balance with individual choices, promoting and maintaining independence whilst providing care and support in the way which you would like.

Personal Care Explained

Companion Care

Many people require companionship and help with the little things around the home. The team at Promedica24 will endeavour to find compatible companion Care Workers to help make life much easier at home.

Companion Care Explained