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Why choose Live-In Home Care?


Why choose live-in home care for you or your family member(s)? We have a positive impact on both our clients and their families with attentive care at home. The difference we make in people’s lives continues to reinforce our core value; there is no place like home. Have you thought about all the other ways in which live-in care can benefit you or your family member(s)?


Keeping your home, pets and possessions

Promedica24 live-in care services help our clients maintain ownership of their homes as well as keeping their personal belongings (people can often be prevented from doing this if moved into residential care homes). Because clients stay in their own homes, they stay within their own community, close to friends, neighbors and social events – and much-loved pets continue to provide company and pleasure for them that few people want to lose.

Research shows older people prefer ‘care at home’

In a recent study, 70% of older people said they would rather be cared for at home than go into a care home. A huge benefit of Live-In care is that it empowers older and vulnerable people with a choice; a choice about where and how they care cared for.


Beating loneliness

We know that no matter how much you’d like to be, you can’t always be there as company for your family member(s). If they find getting out and about a bit of a struggle, it’s likely they will experience loneliness and feelings of isolation at home. Companionship offered by our live-in Care Workers helps alleviate loneliness so often felt by clients.

Helping couples

Through our live-in home care services, we enable couples to stay together for longer in homes they know and chose to live in often for years. Why should old age or illness force people out of their homes? We help keep friends and families near to one another and keep people near to the communities they love.


Live-in home care with Promedica24 is right for you or your family if:

  • You wish to preserve dignity and independence
  • Remaining at home is preferable to going into a care home
  • Keeping treasured possessions is important to you
  • Care needs are varied and changeable
  • Carrying on with everyday life is important
  • You want companionship and support as well as care
  • You want experienced, knowledgeable care workers
  • You need experts in condition-led care
  • Family and friends can’t always be there due to geography or work or personal commitments

Live-In Home Care Vs Residential Care

Features and benefits

Live-In Home Care

Residential care

Preserve home, home comforts and possessions

Promedica Promedica

Bespoke, person-centered one-to-one care

Promedica Promedica

Sustained connection to community

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Hobbies and leisure pursuits sustained

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Self-authored timetable and freedom to choose meals

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Complete privacy and independence

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Family and friends able to visit at any time of the day

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Consistent care and rapport built with carer

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Couples can stay together

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Owners remain united with pets

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Familiar surroundings which can prevent the acceleration of conditions such as dementia

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