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How Live-In Home Care works

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Live in home care is a concept widely used throughout England and across Europe. This helps people retain independence when living with certain medical conditions. A care worker will be your permanent assistant, helping you complete everyday tasks and offering personal care where necessary. With live in care established, you can still live life how you choose and continue doing the things you love.


Our Care Process Explained

We offer live in home care to support people no matter how complex their needs may be. Close family members can then rest assured their loved ones are safe, comfortable and living immensely fulfilling lives. Throughout your life, the need for live in home care could become less or even more important, which is why our team is always ready to help provide the exact support you need around the home. Using our quick and easy process, you can get live in care right away upon a mutually agreed time. Below is exactly how this process works…


Speak with our friendly team on 0800 086 8686

Care Assessment

We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your comprehensive care assessment. This will be completed by one of our expert care managers, after which, they will suggest which live-in care plans are best for you.

Contract for Services

Before live in home care starts, we will get you to sign a contract either traditionally or electronically.

Care Worker

A suitable care worker will be identified who can provide the exact live in care for your specific needs.

Contract Starts

Your care worker will be introduced to you by our Local Care Manager. They can stay with you however long you feel is necessary to settle your care worker into your home. Together, you can start discussing your live in care plan before things get started properly.

Care Starts

Your person-centred live in care plan will start immediately.

Care from 2 Weeks +

Home live in care can range from two weeks right the way through to long-term support. You will receive the same excellent service no matter the length, level or complexity of your care requirements. Our care workers are compassionate and highly skilled, with the aim of looking after people as if they were family.

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