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Benefits of Live-In Home Care vs Residential care

Live-in home care is a genuine and affordable alternative to residential care.

Take a look at the many real benefits of live-in home care below, and get in touch to arrange an in-home care assessment.

Live-In Home Care Vs Residential Care

Features and benefitsLive-In Home CareResidential care
Preserve home, home comforts and possessions
Bespoke, person-centered one-to-one care
Sustained connection to community
Hobbies and leisure pursuits sustained
Self-authored timetable and freedom to choose meals
Complete privacy and independence
Family and friends able to visit at any time of the day
Consistent care and rapport built with carer
Couples can stay together
Owners remain united with pets
Familiar surroundings which can prevent the acceleration of conditions such as dementia
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