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Live-in care helps to preserve people’s dignity and independence by allowing them to stay at home when they have been diagnosed with a serious condition and requires specialist care.

Our live-in carers live with you in your home, helping to provide you with 24/7 care, companionship and support. From specialist care for a number of conditions including cancer, stroke, Alzehimer’s and motor neurone disease through to helping with daily activities that may have now become more difficult.

Our care and support is designed around your exact needs, allowing you and your loved ones to continue living how you choose to and keep doing the things that you love.

Live-In Home Care Explained


Live-in care preserves people’s dignity and independence by allowing them to stay at home.

Our live-in Care Workers live with you in your own home as your companion. They assist with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care. With this help, you and your loved ones can continue to live how you choose to and keep doing the things you love.

Take our online assessment


The Promedica24 online Care Assessment Tool is designed to provide an indication of the level of care and support you might need, based on some simple questions. The assessment tool will guide you through 6 short stages to help determine the level of dependency and provide some useful next steps in exploring your care options.


Live-In Home Care Vs Residential Care

Features and benefitsLive-In Home CareResidential care
Preserve home, home comforts and possessions
Bespoke, person-centred one-to-one care
Sustained connection to community
Hobbies and leisure pursuits sustained
Self-authored timetable and freedom to choose meals
Complete privacy and independence
Family and friends able to visit at any time of the day
Consistent care and rapport built with carer
Couples can stay together
Owners remain united with pets
Familiar surroundings which can prevent the acceleration of conditions such as dementia
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