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Stroke Live-In Care at home


The effects of a stroke will be different to each individual, so we have made sure home care for stroke patients is formulated according to very specific needs. We are one of many live in care home companies, but where we excel further would be prolonged support for both the stroke patient and their family members when dealing with long-term complications.


Our Home Care for Stroke Patients

Calling upon our home care services for stroke patients can do wonders for their recovery, given how comfortable this will feel within familiar surroundings. The fear of moving into care homes can be hugely traumatic for stroke patients, so we have created a cost-effective alternative which offers the same levels of support but away from much busier environments. Depending on the severity of each case, we can provide a live-in caregiver over a 2-6 week period. This ensures a smooth recovery and comfortable transition back to more conventional routines. Don’t worry if the effects from the stroke are severe, as our stroke in home care is available so long as it’s needed. Below are six key aspects behind our home care for stroke patients and how they can make such a huge difference.

Support With Personal Care

If you’ve suffered a stroke, then you may find even the simplest everyday tasks far more difficult to complete. With our live-in care workers on hand, you’ll have instant assistance whenever it’s needed, taking away lots of stress and anxiety throughout each day.

Supporting an Independent Lifestyle

One of the hardest things to accept after suffering from a stroke would be how independence is likely to become a lot more difficult to obtain. Where it’s deemed appropriate, our live-in caregiver will make sure you’re given the most amount of freedom possible during the day, only intervening when absolutely necessary.

Accompanying Clients to Appointments

It’s vital stroke patients attend appointments to ensure they are given the right medication, and always on schedule. We’ll make sure you can make these meetings whenever they’re booked, giving you greater peace of mind that important treatment will remain on-going without any complications.

Regular Reviews

To maximise our live in home care plan, we make sure to hold regular reviews with both the stroke patients and their close family members. During these meetings, we can closely analyse what’s working and whether things need to be altered to improve the care moving forward.

Liaising with Medical and Healthcare Professionals

It’s often a collaborative effort to ensure stroke patients are cared for effectively, so with this in mind, our team will liaise with relevant health care professionals to keep the entire support package consistent and streamlined across the board.

Support with Rehabilitation

After you’ve shown signs of recovery, we will also give you a helping hand with the final stages of stroke rehabilitation, handing you the platform needed to regain certain independence whether that be within a mental or physical capacity. The aim is simply to help restore stroke sufferers back to some form of normality in the most effective way possible.

What’s included in stroke care?

  • Support with personal care
  • Supporting an independent lifestyle
  • Accompanying clients to appointments
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Cooking, cleaning and domestic activities
  • Shopping/prescription collection
  • Activities and social functions
  • Regular reviews
  • Liaising with medical and healthcare professionals
  • Support with rehabilitation
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My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us

My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us while caring for mum for the last 11 months. All the Care Workers we had in this time cared for mum extremely well with dignity, they became one of the family.

Elizabeth H (Daughter of client)


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