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What's Included In Dementia Live-In Care?


The on-going struggles people with dementia may be facing can be difficult on both the sufferer and any close family members. The person you knew before may have a completely different personality and even find difficulty in completing basic tasks on a daily basis. The pressure that comes from caring for someone with this condition can often be overwhelming, leaving people tired and emotionally drained. Here at Promedica24, we have worked on creating care plans for people with dementia so that necessary support is provided on a more consistent basis.


Our Essential Care Services For Dementia Home Care

Support to Continue Daily Routines

Memory loss is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when diagnosed with dementia, and this can certainly make everyday living far more difficult to undertake. Our care workers will support anyone affected with daily routines which aim to stabilise the mind and create a sense of familiarity.

Preserving Dignity and Independence

It can be heart-breaking seeing loved ones appear nothing like their usual self. For this very reason, our care workers will formulate support which aims to hand them as much independence where possible, making sure to intervene whenever they appear to be struggling.

Keeping Family Updated as the Condition Progresses

Any close family members will be given regular updates as and when the condition progresses. With 24 hour services available, we can provide comprehensive detail whenever we relay important information.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

People with dementia are likely to experience mood swings and display aggressive behaviour. Our team will work on managing this so they can return to a more peaceful state. Drawing upon vast experience, we may have faced similar challenges before, giving us the capacity to offer the right support promptly.

Ensuring Medication is Taken on Time

As with any critical condition, taking important medication is perhaps one of the more significant aspects behind effective support. Since their memory can deteriorate quite substantially, we make sure to organise any mediation so this is always taken at the appropriate times.

Regular Review of Care

The effects of dementia is something that can change quite rapidly, so we make sure to conduct regular checks to see whether existing support is working effectively.

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    Six Essential Types Of Dementia Care

    • Support To Continue Daily Routines
    • Preserving Dignity & Independence
    • Keeping Family Updated As The Condition Progresses
    • Managing Challenging Behaviour
    • Ensuring Medication Is Taken On Time
    • Regular Review Of Care

    How To Spot The Signs Of Dementia

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    My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us

    My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us while caring for mum for the last 11 months. All the Care Workers we had in this time cared for mum extremely well with dignity, they became one of the family.

    Elizabeth H (Daughter of client)


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