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Companion Care


Having companionship, sharing a conversation over a cup of tea, interacting with patience, time and a sense of humour throughout everyday life can genuinely improve outcomes. It can keep people at home longer, put them in a better mood, help them recover faster from illness and even stabilise or reduce signs and symptoms of dementia.

A live-in carer not only alleviates loneliness and isolation through their companionship but also supports you to keep an active social life and continue to do the things you enjoy. With one of our fully trained carers there when you need them, you can be sure that you or your loved one will be safe, comfortable, and making the most out of life.

What is companion care?

Companion care is a flexible live-in care service provided within the comfort of your home, helping you to stay in the place you prefer for as long as possible. Whatever your needs are, our carers can take the strain out of many day-to-day activities like shopping, cleaning, or cooking. 

Companion home care will also provide you with valued company from a dedicated companion, offering emotional support and alleviating isolation and loneliness. 

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How do we choose your companion?

We select companion carers based on your interests, personality and lifestyle. We then match this with the personality, interests and skills of the carer to provide a suitable fit. You or your family member can continue to live life at home, enjoying the benefits of our live-in care service and a better quality of daily life. A live-in carer can provide companionship and because our carers stay with you for longer than most other providers, you can build a genuine relationship.

Companion carers won’t take over your home – they are simply there to make life easier. For example, they can plan and prepare meals or assist with washing and cleaning-related tasks; it’s your choice how involved they get.  The people we care for will never be lonely or isolated, but they are able to take some “me” time whenever they choose.

Our companion care service and benefits

  • Supporting the continuation of daily routines
  • Accompanying to and from appointments, activities and social functions
  • Keeping up your hobbies
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Cooking, cleaning and domestic activities
  • Shopping and collecting prescriptions

A highly personal plan

A highly personal plan

We start with a conversation, an assessment of your needs and aspirations, then we pull together a care plan that allows us to deliver.

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In good company

Of course, this is as much about companionship as it is practical support, so we always do our best to ensure your carer is someone you’ll get on with.

We’re great with change

We’re great with change

Over time and as your care needs change, we will work to sensitively adjust the levels of care you’re receiving, helping you remain independent for longer.

How can we help you?

Company and support that adapts and changes along with your needs. Because life shouldn’t stop just because you need a bit of help.

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