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Alzheimer’s Live-In Home Care


Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. Coping with the behaviours that can develop is understandably difficult for family members. Our care team are trained to deal with the changes that come with Alzheimer’s, and offer comfort and support so that you can enjoy spending precious time with your family.


Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease

Many families care for family members themselves during the early stages of the disease. As symptoms worsen, Alzheimer’s care at home can become much more time consuming as well as both emotionally and physically challenging. Our live-in care service means that you don’t have to resort to residential care homes when it’s time to hand over to a professional live-in care worker. The confusion and behaviour experienced by people living with Alzheimer’s can be minimised when they are in familiar surroundings. Our Care Workers will help clients function in their own homes so they can continue with their daily routines for as long as possible. Our Care Workers are able to deal with the anger and frustration that comes with Alzheimer’s disease in a safe and respectful manner. You may need Promedica24 for respite care or for long-term Alzheimer’s care at home. Either way, we’ll take the same professional approach to assessing a client’s care needs so that they can live as fulfilling a life as possible in the comfort of their own home. Our Care Workers stay with you for longer than most other providers, you will build a genuine relationship.

What's Included In Alzheimer's Live In Care?

  • Support to continue daily routines
  • Preserving dignity and independence
  • Keeping family updated as the condition progresses
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Ensuring medication is taken on time
  • Regular review of care
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Needing Care

Now that there’s around 10 million people within the United Kingdom over 65 years old, the importance of quality care has never been more crucial. Even though this continues to form a major talking point for the council, people are still finding this something difficult to talk about. To get more insight into the subject of care for any family members, you can download our free brochure.

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My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us

My family can’t thank Promedica24 enough for the professional care and support they gave us while caring for mum for the last 11 months. All the Care Workers we had in this time cared for mum extremely well with dignity, they became one of the family.

Elizabeth H (Daughter of client)


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