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Health conditions Live-in care

Expert care in the home

Promedica24 cares for people with many types of health conditions. Many clients, families and friends can become distressed and upset believing a move into residential care is the only viable option. In fact, 24 hour care at home can be a much more preferable alternative.


Live-In Home Care Services

Our fully trained care workers can provide one-to-one support for a wide variety of long-term conditions, helping people to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. With 24 hour care in place at home, you can rest assured important measures will be implemented as and when they are required promptly. Drawing upon our person-centred care plans, we can outline the specialist medical needs of each service user and combine them with general support needs for a truly bespoke solution. Since 24 hour care at home gives you regular assistance, our care workers can really tailor their services for the best impact through close observations over a consistent period of time. To ensure we can maximise our 24 hour care, we will keep up regular contact with any friends and family members so that they are fully aware of the care their loved ones are receiving. Keeping people in the loop means they can have greater peace of mind, and also means alterations can be discussed before being put into action. You can explore the many services we have for 24 hour care at home, each of which has been specially catered towards different conditions. This means the support people receive will be specific to the needs and requirements that come from their key issues experienced during each day. For example, our 24 hour care for cancer patients will be made to support people through all the various stages.


Cancer Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers are trained to support people with all types and stages of cancer.

Cancer Care Services

Stroke Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers are trained to help you recover after a stroke and support you through the long-term effects.

Stroke Care Services

Parkinson’s Live-In Home Care

With a developing long-term condition like Parkinson’s, it can be a comfort to know that you have someone on hand to help support you at home.

Parkinson’s Care Services

Motor Neurone Disease Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers support you to stay in your home for as long as possible as the condition progresses.

Motor Neurone Disease Care Services

End of life, palliative Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers will give you the time to spend with your family whilst they take care of the daily essentials at this most difficult time.

End of life, palliative Care Services

Alzheimer’s Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers understand how to care and support with the mental and physical changes, including challenging behaviours, that are often brought on by Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Care Services

Dementia Live-In Home Care

Our live-in Care Workers are trained to manage the challenges which come with the many different ways dementia can affect a person.

Dementia Care Services